His eyes upon your face

His hand upon your hand

His lips caress your skin

It’s more than I can stand

so girl-in-a-well (AS USUAL?? I SWEAR TO GOD WOMAN) linked me to this tango video (juan seguí) and holy shit like you guys need to watch it now. and then you need to watch it again. because these men are incredible.

eta: i feel the need to stress this WATCH THE VIDEO EVEN IF YOU DON’T SHIP ERERI please oh my god I can’t get over these two guys they’re so good HUFFS HEAVILY

anyway we were thinking this was a training sort of thing for eren to be more comfortable with other people (hence captain shorty, because cmon he’s terrified of the man) and then eren gets carried away and uhhhHHhhh this happens. imagine them finishing and being all sweaty and panting in each other’s faces though like wow otp yes good